This website is a reflection of the massive appreciation we have for our “Ocean Life”

We are two ocean-loving photographers who take the inspiration of the Sea into our everyday lives. Our home was Sapphire Beach just north of Coffs Harbour in Australia, however since late 2015 we have been constantly travelling around Australia gathering images and good times to share with everyone. We have so many adventures planned for the future and we would love to have you along for the ride!

We want to take you to all the amazing places and ocean moments that we find ourselves in on a daily basis. We would love to take you in person, but until we find a way of doing that, sharing these pictures, videos and stories is how we will do it for now.

If one of our images can inspire you to take a trip or a day off work and spend some time in nature, smile and breath some salt air then we are beyond StokeD!!

Clients that do have our images hanging in their offices or homes often remark that having them displayed helps get them through the day or brings some relief from the everyday duties we all have. Or better still inspires them to go for that afternoon swim/surf, or a weekend trip…..That’s what lights us up and that’s why we do this. It’s the ultimate “Ripple Effect”

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I was about 14 and living in the waveless city of Adelaide when I found a copy of Surfing World. This chance meeting with as second hand, dog-eared magazine would change the course of my life. It was the beginning! I read this mag over and over and then I slowly began the mission of experiencing the beauty of the ocean.

It was a year or so later when I rode my first green wall at a beach called Moana in South Australia. Even before that ride came to an end I knew this was going to be the life for me.

I struggled on in Adelaide with my surf addiction for the next 5 years, doing the necessary long road trips to get my fix until Sherrin and I packed up a little camper-van and travelled around Australia. On our travels we picked the mid north coast as our new home. That was back in 1999 and I love this coastline more every day. Our photography business started in 2004 and we have been contributing to surfing magazines since the early 2000’s.

My attention when starting this blog in 2010 was squarely on the “surf action” it has since morphed into an entire “ocean” of possibilities from seascapes, to wildlife, ocean abstracts, beach culture and the wild colours that light up our coastlines each morning… I hope to constantly evolve and strive to learn something new from the sea each day!

I really hope to meet and photograph you someday.

Happy Sliding!


sherrin S1059-245

My love of the ocean began at age 15 when my family moved from an inland country town to the coast.

The shoreline for me was a treasure trove of interesting things and the ocean gave me a certain peace.

It wasn’t long before I became a surf lifesaver and picked up my first surfboard.

Tom and I spent weekends surfing and travelling up and down the coast.

A couple of years after saving all our pennies we set off on a 14 month journey around Australia, surfing, taking photos and discovering our beautiful country.

We have lived north of Coffs Harbour since 1999 and have two gorgeous kids who share our love for the ocean.

Photographing surfing and everything in and surrounding the ocean is our passion and we hope to share it with you.


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