Agnes Water to 1770

Please note that this post was first published in May 26, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

We spent last week an hour north of Bunderburg in the cute little town of Agnes Water. We had an 8-day stopover there waiting to get on the remote island in which I am writing this from now. We have been shooting from dusk to dawn since we arrived here last Sunday, so I’m just getting a chance to edit the Agnes Water photos from last week today while a time-lapse sequence is happily clicking away over an idyllic bay on the Great Barrier Reef, but more about this place next week (we have stacks of content coming, stay tuned!!)

This post shows off the laid back towns of Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, both are reasonably small in population although it seems to be growing, with a lot of houses in production. This is the furthest place north on the east coast that gets some sort of wave action. We did surf most days, but didn’t get anything over waist high, but the bath warm water and beautiful scenery more than made up for the wave quality and power. Our whole family surfed for hours along the beaches north and south of the town. We also managed to luck into the Seventeen Seventy festival which showed off some awesome alternative and artistic talent by the locals. The place gets a 10/10 for good vibes and warm as weather in May!!

warmth of Seventeen Seventy and Agnes Water….


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