Atherton Tablelands waterfalls and tree kangaroos

Please note that this post was first published in June 27, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

The lush green Atherton Tablelands has been our home base for the past few weeks as we day trip around all the sights and sounds of the Cairns. To be more specific we are in a small town called Malanda, which is a perfectly central location to visit no less than 12 waterfalls and countless rainforest walks.

Atherton Tablelands isn’t just about the waterfalls however, there are some beautiful rolling green hills, Tea Farms, epic clear water lake systems that were once volcanos and some Tree Kangaroos…. yes thats right Kangaroos that live in trees!!. The Atherton Tablelands is the only place you will find them in Australia and Papua New Guinea is the only other place in the world that have these curious critters. We were lucky enough to see a mother and its Joey and filmed the short 15 second clip below. We watched these guys for nearly two hours just near the Nerada Tea Farm. Also in todays mix are a few pictures from Paranella Park (a must see when in far north QLD)

So many more impressive waterfalls coming in the near future as well as a fresh film edit from our stay on Lady Elliot Island, can’t wait to bring you the next post later this week.

Tree Kangaroos in the Atherton Tablelands from Tom Woods on Vimeo.



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