Bay of Fires – A dream realised

Please note that this post was first published in December 6, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Ever since I got the “photography bug” I have marvelled over seascape photos of The Bay of Fires. So when I eventually got the opportunity to travel to Tasmania, there was no way I going to miss experiencing this magical coastline for myself.

The turquoise waters, white sands and beautiful shaped boulders make for awesome sunny day shots, which we did get (see this post for a few of them) But the shot I had dreamed of was to get those bright orange rocks lit up by an equally orange/red sunrise.

These types of sunrises only happen a few times a year and I had only 6 mornings in the area to get the shot I imagined.

After a few days of sussing out the area I found the perfect spot. It was down an overgrown track and a little more out of the way than the obvious spots. It had the perfect foreground of the lichen-covered boulders, some surf swirling around the base of the rocks with a rocky outcrop a few hundred meters out to sea. It was a sweet looking composition.

Now I just needed a sunrise!! The morning I took this it was predicted to be heavy rain, they were saying 10-20mm every hour from 3am till lunchtime. I set the alarm anyway… 4.30am jumped out of bed, couldn’t hear any rain on the roof, so I drove 20 minutes down a dirt road and then made my way through that overgrown walking track down to the spot.

The clouds were starting to take colour and the dream started to unfold right in front of me. Alone for miles on this coastline with a epic sunrise lighting up the most gorgeous rocks, the colour filling my eyes, but the feeling far more overwhelming than the visual. It was definitely my favourite picture taking experience of our Tassie trip and that’s why I saved it for our last post from the Apple Isle.

As soon as the sunrise colour faded it went grey and dumped 100mm of rain in the next 8 hours. I spent a lot of the day looking at this image with a grateful smile.

I hope the feeling of this magical morning somehow comes through in this image of “The Bay of Fires” it certainly fuelled my soul.

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CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D mk3, 17-40mm Canon lens, 0.9 Grad, 6 stop neutral density filter, Tripod mounted :

Shutter speed 151seconds aperture F-11 with ISO set at 100



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