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Please note that this post was first published in September 1, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Perched on the southern end of the stunning Sunshine Coast is Caloundra. We have just extended our stay for another week, we haven’t been able to surf and explore all thats down here yet, so hoping another 7 days will uncover a little more about this stretch of coast:

4 Caloundra random facts:

1. Ma and Pa Bendall may be Caloundra’s coolest surfing identities. They were well know surfers in the 60’s and 70’s that started surfing in their 50’s and still managed to win contests!!. They encourage many of the surfing youth on the Sunny Coast and produced a classic movie called “Never too Old”. There is still a contest running today in their names honour. Google Ma and Pa Bendall…. cool story!

2. Parko is here for the weekend. Yep world champ Joel Parkinson is running a four day Grom Comp in Caloundra starting today. The town beaches are going to be a wash with a blonde rampage. Its head shaking stuff how good some 10 year olds are surfing these days.

3. At the end of the month Caloundra will be hosting one hell of a music festival. The lineup is insane!!… The Cat Empire ?? yes please! they are just one of a killer lineup that is heading this way. Worth coming up to if you can, starts 30th September, good chance that we will be all the way down in South Oz by then, maybe next year for us.

4. Winter?? what winter. The Sunny coast average water temperature is 21 degrees in the middle of July, spring suit is more than enough. Wear a steamer and suffer the effects of heat exhaustion for the rest of the day. Summer the water is around 26-28…. its that damn comfortable!

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