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I see it all the time…

A person decides to improve their health by changing their diet. Fantastic! But there’s one problem. They change everything at once and it becomes too overwhelming (not to mention expensive) and they throw in the towel and go back to their previous bad habits and comfort foods which got them in hot water in the first place.

The initial enthusiasm is admirable but you wouldn’t run a marathon without gradual training right? So start by making a few easy swaps bit by bit and before you know it you’ll be eating like a naturopath!

SWAP            –          FOR                                                                              


Vegemite on toast    –    Avocado on toast

Quick oats    –    Rolled oats

Margarine    –    Butter, olive oil, coconut oil

Coffee    –    Herbal or dandelion tea

Boxed cereal    –    Porridge or raw muesli

Sugar     –    Honey, agave syrup or maple syrup

Bottled juice    –    Fresh juice or smoothies

Muesli bars    –    Homemade bliss balls

Kraft peanut butter    –    100% peanut butter or ABC spread

English breakfast/Earl Grey    –    Herbal teas

Wheat pancakes    –    Make them with spelt or buckwheat flour

Caged eggs    –    Free range or straight from the farmer


Sliced supermarket bread    –    Fresh loaves from the markets or bakery

Sandwiches    –    Wraps

Vegetable and canola oil    –     Olive or coconut oil

Table salt    –    Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt

Iceberg lettuce     –    Baby spinach and rocket

White rice     –     Brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat

Wheat pasta    –    Rice noodles, spelt spaghetti or buckwheat spirals

Soy sauce     –    Tamari

Sweet chilli sauce     –    Fresh chilli paste

Bottled pasta sauce    –    Fresh pesto

Packet sauces    –    Fresh spices

Coconut milk    –    Coconut cream

Milk chocolate     –    Dark chocolate


Store bought     –    Homemade

Supermarkets     –    Farmers markets or home grown

Worry    –    Simplicity

Stress     –     Happiness!

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