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I’m having daylight savings withdrawals already. Even though it feels as if Australia Day was just the other week, it turns out that Autumn somehow snuck up on us. It’s not just your wettie, wax and clothes that change with the season, the food you eat should adapt too.


THE FOCUS: Summer was about eating lots of light and raw foods like salads and fresh fruit. However you will benefit in Autumn by eating cooked foods that heat the body. In Summer we spend more time outdoors running around expending energy whereas in Autumn we need to start slowing down conserve some energy to build a healthy immune system for the Winter ahead.

FLAVOURS:  Increase pungent flavours such as ginger, garlic, wasabi and coriander. Consume more sour foods like lemons, limes, and grapefruit.

INCREASE: Foods that increase moisture in your body such as avocado, mushrooms, leeks, zucchini, grapes and good quality oils like olive, flaxseed and coconut.

Eat more of these foods:

Apples, Pears, Figs, Pine nuts, Almonds, Borlotti beans, Kidney beans, Miso soup, Chicken broth, Spinach, Carrot, Sweet potato, Brown rice, Rye bread, Sourdough bread, Eggs

COOKING: Steaming and boiling are beneficial, then start roasting towards the end of Autumn. Warm yourself up with hearty casseroles, soups, dahl and stews.

AVOID: Too many heating spices eg. chilli and paprika. Also avoid cold foods, drinks, salads and juices. Avoid cooking quickly (stir frying) like in Summer. Pull out your slow cooker and enjoy using food as medicine.


*A bowl of hot porridge with grated apple and cinnamon

*Fresh pesto from the garden

*Chicken and vegie soup with rye toast

*Slow cooked lamb shanks with sweet potato mash

*Miso soup with tofu and brown rice

*Thai fish cakes

*Mushie and leek risotto

*A pot of spicy chai tea

Emma the Naturopath xx

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