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Talk to anyone over 90 years old and they will tell you that nearly every beach had sand dunes, not just a few mounds of sand 20 meters wide, but kilometres of big sand hills stretching back inland as a natural barrier from the coastline. I know in Adelaide 1-2 suburbs back from the beaches were built on top of sand dunes and now along those beaches there are only man made rock walls preventing the sea-view houses from getting swept away.

It’s a rare thing to see now, so when you do it’s a fairly impressive sight! Here in Port Stephens at Birubi Beach we are at the end of the famous Stockton beach that runs north of Newcastle with some of the east coast’s most impressive “sand-scapes”. I walked these fragile hills for a good few hours after dawn on Sunday, taking in the now unique magic of what once was along nearly every beach in Australia. The impermanence of the world and physical form is a curious thing.

Sand Art


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