Euro froth

Please note that this post was first published in September 15, 2014, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

With countless Roos hopping around the salty headlands as the sun rises, its hard not to point the camera their way really and they do make damn good silhouettes. The overseas tourists that are here for the car rally thingy have been up on this headland going out of their minds about the local wildlife…Im talking proper Euro frothing!! fair enough too, Im still not immune to how beautiful and how incredibly close you can get to these furry little critters.

If definitely felt a lot like spring this morning, we had 3 wind changes within the first 2 hours of daylight! couple that with a small east wind swell and slightly milder morning temps and its safe to say winter has packed its bags. Its the season where you have to take what you can get….. or jump on a plane to somewhere that is pumping, the lads at Surf Dive N Fish have some incredible options, subscribe to them here to get the specials!

Ben Donnelly taking all he can get before a day at the office

Lyndo slept here last night so he wouldn’t miss the early

New Generations

Grommie whips

Lady told me these fellas congregate when theres rain coming…will see tomorrow I guess. The Yellow tail cockies were everywhere this morning

Michelle and her big Yellow getting along well with the small peeling lefts this morning

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