Fighting a cold –Bear Grylls style!

Please note that this post was first published in August 15, 2012, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Guess who is at home today with a cold? Yes that’s right. Even naturopaths get sick!

I woke up this morning with glands the size of golf balls and my head felt like I was hungover –without the awesome night out. I’d just given away my Ethical Nutrients Zinc Fix (tastes like orange sherbet) and Fusion Cold Cough Flu liquid (tastes like death) to a friend in need, so I’m left to my own defences to use what I had at home… Bear Grylls style!

Rug up!! As I sit and write I am currently sporting socks, uggies, trackies, two long sleeve tops, a hoodie, knitted scarf and nursing a hot water bottle. Yes I look like a homeless bag lady, but I’m as warm as gluten-free toast.

Hello aching muscles! The best thing for that is a hot bath with one cup of Epsom salts and six drops of lavender. Make sure you make it a hot one to get your sweat on! You want to ENCOURAGE a fever because when your temperature goes up it burns all the bugs rather than suppressing it with pharmaceutical “fever” medications.

I often feel like I’m too honest to work in retail… This time of year I tell customers on a daily basis that they could take every supplement in the shop but the most valuable thing they can do is to take the day off and REST. This is called convalescing! Don’t try and be a hero.

I had no vitamin C powder in the cupboard so I’ve been hooking into strawberries, tomatoes, freshly squeezed vegie juice and countless mugs of rosehip tea with fresh ginger (also epic for arthritic joints). Ahhh, you gotta love food as medicine!

*Get that snot moving! Bacteria LOVE the warm, moist environment of mucous. When mucous stagnates, bugs breed. So get into the ear candles, chilli, wasabi, turmeric, garlic, ginger, pepper, spiciest Indian curries, steamy baths and saunas! Lie down with a hot water bottle on your chest. Oh yeah, and jump in the ocean! Salt water is high in iodine which is antimicrobial and will blast the snot out of your system like nobody’s business.

Lesson of the day:
Figure out WHY you’re sick right now. Germs are everywhere, so why was YOUR immune system weakened? Is your work doing you head in? Didn’t take a probiotic after antibiotics? Haven’t been eating enough fresh foods? Burning the candle at both ends? Take ownership and make some improvements!

One last thing, buy a new toothbrush after you’ve had a cold. Makes sense right?

In my next post I’m going to see how many of you are eating “GLUE” without even knowing it! You’ll be surprised…

Emma the Naturopath xx


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