Fingal phenomenon

Please note that this post was first published in December 21, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Fingal Head has to be my favourite rock formation on the NSW north coast. Its big hexagon pillars stand bolt upright out of the ocean in such a dramatic fashion. These columns were formed from an ancient Volcano in the Tweed valley and it’s a rare phenomenon that has only occurred in a few places around the world.

This photo was taken during our stay on the north coast late last week. I have shot this set-up before with a more standard angle of the place (See our last attempt here) so this time I wanted to get an angle that tells a different story.The sweeping dawn clouds also looked better to the north, so I found my spot, setup the tripod and shot a 7-minute exposure through a neutral density filter. I love ultra long exposures; it gives me time in between shots to take in the morning, rather than fussing over my camera the whole time and missing the moment. It was a special morning too. On the edge of salty headland at dawn is where you will find me most days.

CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D MK3, 17-40mm lens set at 17mm, 0.9 ND grad filter, 10 stop ND filter, Tripod mounted : Shutter speed 409secs – Aperture F-8 with ISO set at 200




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