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Lower back pain? Stiff joints? Sore shoulder? High blood pressure? Crusty dry skin? Crap memory?If you want to know the top two supplements a surfer should take every day to be able to stay in the waves (pain free!) til a ripe old age… I’d tell you MAGNESIUM and FISH OIL (omega 3).

Basically your body will respond to inflammation in one of two ways:

1. in an inflammatory way

2. an anti-inflammatory way

The decider is the amount of omega 3 in your body.


Once you swallow your fish oil it breaks down into two main components: DHA which is awesome for the nervous system (depression, memory, concentration) and EPA which is a super anti-inflammatory. Fish oil has been shown to be as effective and in some cases more effective than pharmaceutical pain medications –without the nasty side effects.


Now there are fish oils and there are fish oils. It’s all about quality. Steer clear of those giant tubs which are just “such a bargain”. I only use ”practitioner only” brands of fish oil supplements from health food shops. They go through much more stringent heavy metal testing and purification.


I take a teaspoon of BioCeuticals OmegaSure liquid fish oil every night (which is equivalent to SIX capsules and takes like orange). It’s made from sardines and anchovies rather than the “bargain tubs” which are basically whatever they could find in the sea. If you go for a liquid, make sure it’s in a GLASS bottle, not plastic. Keep both liquid and capsules in the fridge to keep them fresh. You wouldn’t keep a fish in the pantry would you?


To get a therapeutic effect, you would need to eat fish 5-6 days a week. So unfortunately fish and chips on a Sunday doesn’t count. Most people I talk to already take fish oil. High five! But they aren’t taking nearly enough. The research from the Arthritis Foundation show that we need to have NINE x 1000mg capsules each day if you want pain reduction. I’d go with a concentrated liquid that is recommended by a naturopath and let them know if you are on any medication.

Pop into the shop if you have any questions!

Emma the Naturopath xx


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