GoPro mouth mounts

Please note that this post was first published in February 24, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

GoPro cameras really are an amazing piece of technology. I didn’t rate their first few models that hit the market, but the new Hero 4 model is hitting the mark for quality especially for its tiny size! The best thing about these cameras is the positions and view points that are now possible… the angles and vision that comes from these things on a daily basis is both inspiring and groundbreaking… stuff the film world never saw just a few years ago.

These amazing angles are not all about the camera thou. Its the new ingenious mounts that are making the smooth seamless footage come to life and the mouth mount design by dddssl is the best Ive seen in the surfing world so far. The “in the tube” perspective as a pro surfer drops into the wave and takes us with them on best journey one can make in the ocean (or on the planet) is just epic….. this is the gun angle because you are seeing exactly what the surfer sees, not only that, it is easy enough for the rider/filmer to take the camera out the mouth and position in the back hand to get an even deeper “in the tube” look.. Check Harley Inglebys footage using a series of mounts below, but includes the mouth mount for the in the tube footage….. Please, Please no more GoPro photos from the tip of the nose looking back at the surfer, thats just lame these days….

Pro Standard Grill Mount with GoPro Hero 4 with directions 0377 web res

You can get a host of awesome mounts online over at these are the guys Harley uses and works with on a daily basis… they seem to have it altogether in that department.


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