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Closer mates of ST surf images will know that we are both into our clean living.. some would say “health nuts” I would just say we would rather fuel our body with the good stuff rather than processed garbage that flood our supermarket shelves these days. The benefits of fuelling the body with good food are amazing, Ive done it pretty well for the last 5 years and have never felt better. Im more surf fit, clearer head and happier because of it. I want everyone to feel this good!! so I have asked Emma Caller from Essential Health to give us fortnightly tips on how to get the best surf body we can have. The first post is a little introduction…. take it away “Little Emm”…

Once upon a time…

Every once in a while you need to make “sensible” decisions in life, like going to uni while all your friends are travelling or choosing salad on the side rather than chips. In my case, it was buying a business rather than spending my days lying on the beach in Byron Bay. When you take the road less travelled, it always pays off in the end. I was always told that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going… Turns out its true!

The gorgeous Emma Caller

Who is Emma Caller?

First of all it’s pronounced “Kal-ah” for Gods Sake and I’m a naturopath and nutritionist. Every fortnight I’m going to be rambling on to you about eating awesome healthy foods and hopefully clearing up a few “health myths” so that you can surf and live a happy life til a ripe old age.

I’ve had my health food shop, Essential Health in the Coffs mall for exactly two and a half years now and haven’t looked back since. It’s down the arcade that has Jay Jay’s and Precious Petals on either end and you’ll find me there giving advice and smiling patiently while people tell me what “miracle” product they saw on Dr Oz.

What makes me different?

I’m not your run of the mill naturopath. I love the Hippocrates quote “Let your food be your medicine” so I encourage my clients to eat lots of fresh wholefoods. I help people take being healthy out of the “too hard” basket by making it simple and fun. Wellbeing is about getting back to basics, which means a balanced diet and also a balanced lifestyle that brings you happiness.


Does it really matter what I eat?

Believe it or not but the diet and lifestyle choices you make right now have a huuuuuge impact on your energy levels, how well you cope with stress, how many colds you catch this Winter and the amount of pain and inflammation you experience. These choices make a big difference to your health in the long-term too. They play a massive role in determining if you’ll get arthritis, have to take medications, be diagnosed with cancer and or even have a heart attack.


Any special requests?

If you have any burning questions or want to know more about a particular topic, go to the ‘Essential Health Coffs’ Facebook page, give that ‘Like’ button some love and let me know.


Next time…

I’m going to let you in on my Super Smoothie recipe which is awesome for boosting your energy levels and making you ridiculously good looking to the opposite sex… perhaps!!


Emma the Naturopath xx



p: 0266 514 533


a: shop 24 boulevard arcade, harbour drive, coffs harbour nsw 2450


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