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This baby Croc is just 3 weeks old and barely 20cm long at the moment and has just started its life on the magnificent Daintree River in Queensland.

While his brothers and sisters were covered in mud and down on the lower bank hiding from all the predators, this little dude was living fearlessly out in the open air on the end of a broken branch for all to see. Catching the energy from the sun and having total faith in what will be.

At this size they are anyone’s meal. Birds, Snakes, Fish, Crabs, Bull Sharks pretty much anything will have a go at them before they grow up to be the kings of the Daintree River.

I bet this fella will be the one that ends up living till 100 years old. “A life lived in fear is not one worth living at all.”

I took this pic off the side of a large tinny while drifting down a thick rainforest section of the Daintree River. It was a beautiful jungle environment to be immersed in, but what a bonus it was to see so many Crocodiles ranging in size from this little guy right up to some 4 meters monsters!.. not only Crocs, but a range birdlife, tree snakes, and pythons! We will have more of our Far North Queensland adventures coming up real soon…. Just wanted to give you a little taste of my favourite Crocodile so far.

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CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 7D MK2, 400mm lens off a Manfrotto monopod from a boat : Shutter speed 1/1250 sec Aperture F-5.6 with ISO set at 2500



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