Magnetic Island life

Please note that this post was first published in August 2, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

We are starting to get a thing going on with islands. Especially Sherrin, she loves em!! So far on this trip we’ve been out to Lady Elliott, Green Island and just recently we spent a week on the Magnificent Magnetic Island off Townsville. There’s something about being disconnected from the mainland life and the freedom feeling that comes from been fully surrounded by the ocean.

Magnetic Island is a fair bit bigger than the other two QLD islands we have visited so far, for starters you can get your car over there (by Ferry) and drive around, which is handy because its more than 50kms to getĀ around the perimeter.

Down every potholed dirt track there is one epic blue bay after another. We swam, hiked, snorkelled and rock hopped around some very scenic locations in some of the most comfortable weather conditions you could imagine. Clear blue skies, 26-28 degrees each day with water temperature around the 23-24 mark. If you like the look of this place, our tip is visit in Winter time, it couldn’t be more ideal.

Massive thanks goes out to Trevor and Gazzi, EX Coffs locals who have been living on the island for the past couple of years. They showed us to all the best spots and got us into bays that our old Ford would not have survived and were perfect companions to have for this slice of our journey.

Many more new Panorama images coming to the website soon of Magnetic Island… stay tuned


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