“ONE” Camo’s moment

Please note that this post was first published in September 9, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Water started to drain off the already shallow reef and pushed me in towards the power source of the wave, there were 4 or 5 of them looking at it, but I was secretly hoping Camo was in line for this one. I knew this was going to be the moment that the whole trip had been heading towards… if we were going to get the “hero shot” it was going to be this wave. Camo put his head down and started to paddle… even before he got to his feet I knew this one was going to be the picture that would hang in his lounge room forever more.. only a perfect tube could follow what was unfolding before me.

The scene couldn’t be much better. A steamy afternoon on a blue water reef, with the Sumatran jungle lining the shoreline and there was only our crew out there!! About 4 or 5 of Camo’s best mates on holidays and hooting each other into the best waves we got over the 10 days in the Telo Islands. These are the times when you go “yep the airports, sea sickness, the coin, the reef cuts and the time away from the family” all are worth the sacrifice to get those pinnacle moments in the ocean… miles from anywhere and miles from any thoughts other than the present moment.

As Camo scooped off the bottom the whole wall jacked up and I was just in the perfect spot, no adjustments needed. Camo picked his line and then came flying past me in the tube and kicked out way down the line, I let out a hoot that shocked myself… I think is was a mixture of stoke and relief as I knew I had the shot that I came to get. I will always be super grateful to the guys on that trip that all put in to get me and my camera gear to the Telo Islands and experience the amazing waves and blue warm water of this Indonesian dreamscape.

Proud to say this picture is now hanging large in Cameron Lindsay’s lounge room…. stoked to share in with you mate!

CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 7D, 8-15mm Canon lens and AquaTech water housing : shutter speed 1/1250 sec aperture F-5.0 with ISO set at 200




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