“ONE” fiery sapphire

Please note that this post was first published in August 17, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

(the “one” series is where a blog post focuses in on a single image and tells the story behind the picture)

This crazy red/orange/magenta sunrise took place back on the 23rd January. The colours had a five minute rave party just as the sun hit the horizon before returning to a ultra dull morning… “the brightest sparks can burn the quickest”

I was actually caught off guard by this one, I didn’t see it coming. I backed out of my driveway to head to my closest beach (Sapphire) to get a gauging on the waves. By the time I had reached the carpark I could see something good was cooking up. I quickly grabbed my wide lens a tripod and did the 60meter bolt to the stairs leading on to the beach…. it was then I realised I didn’t have the tripod mounting plate on my camera (which means the tripod is useless)

So I had to improvise, I wasn’t going to miss this sunrise. When taking landscape photos you normally want a aperture from between F8 to F22 depending on what required, this is turn will give you a slow shutter speed at this time of the day so hand holding isn’t really a option. So I rested the camera on the bottom step of the stairs, then used the self timer so I wouldn’t shake the camera while taking the shot. The first shot had average composition. So I went and found a beachstone off the sand and placed it under the lens to prop up the camera so the frame included more of that amazing sky. It was then I got this single shot before the colours quickly leeched out of the clouds.

I also had to try a few different settings on the camera because of the “no tripod” factor. I bumped the ISO speed up to 250iso and used an aperture of 7.1 which is right on the edge of keeping the foreground to background in sharp focus. Normally I would have shot this sort of image at F11 with an ISO of 100 but I didn’t want to risk any camera movement that may have happend without a sturdy tripod. The result came out pretty well and I got a composition so different to what I would have got if I had my tripod with me, it always meant to be.

We recently printed this very image up for a client at over 1 meter wide on a glass print mount and we were blown away with the quality. The 250iso was still grainless, the sharpness was epic from foreground to back and the colour vibrancy was electric with this form of framing.

This image available to purchase as a glass mount (shown below), Framed image, Canvas mount or straight metallic print from our online shop here

CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D mk3 and the 17-40mm Canon lens (set at 17mm) : shutter speed 1/5 sec aperture 7.1 with ISO set at 250 Also used was a 0.9 graduated filter to balance the light between the foreground and background.



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