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Please note that this post was first published in November 6, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

There are a few things going on in this shot which I really like. The luminous morning light is definitely the main ingredient. That morning had some of the most dramatic – breath taking colours that I have photographed from the ocean, but there are some others factors that add to this special moment.

It was actually raining while I was loading up the water housing only 10 minutes before this was taken. There were some heavy summer storm clouds rolling around the sky which always adds an extra dimension to any photo, but when a gap formed just above the horizon to let the first rays of the sunrise through, the most amazing light studio materialised. It pushed a vibrant orange into the heavy brooding clouds, the water went an electric combo of green and gold and I was tingling all over. These are the moments a photographer gets up every morning and roams the shorelines every evening to try and experience, it happens, but only rarely.

Now I had to get a foreground to compliment this epic scene, before is disappeared. Normally a empty wave would be more than enough, but the surf was below average that day so that wasn’t going to cut it. Then from further up from the peak I was lining up, Mick Taylor took off on one of the better waves of the morning, a little two footer. It had just enough power in it to allow a little pocket jam at a perfect distance from my 50mm lens, much closer and it would have reduced the amount of that beautiful sky in the picture.

As soon as I clicked the button I knew I had my shot for the morning. It was only later that I realised the surfer looking on in the foreground was Mick’s son. Having him in the frame pulls the attention into the scene even more and the fact I captured that special moment with the father and son meant this shot had to go into my “ONE” series at some stage. Proud to say they have this picture shadow-boxed framed in Australia Oak and hanging in their house… that stuff lights me up!!

CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D, 50mm lens and AquaTech water housing : Shutter speed 1/640 of sec – Aperture F-4 with ISO set at 250



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