Sinkholes Caves and Underwater rainforest

Please note that this post was first published in January 28, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

I will confess that I thought Mt Gambier just had a big blue lake and that was it!! But I now know there is so much more. Our last 5 days here was not nearly enough to check out the absolute gold that all lies within 30 kms of this natural wonderland.

Lets start with the sinkholes. These massive holes in the ground are mind blowing. Some of them right in the middle of town. They go down for hundreds of meters. Some are filled with stunning plants, while other go down into great depths of crystal clear spring water. It’s a divers paradise, so much so that they come from all around the world to experience these incredible caverns and underwater caves.

Then there are the ancient caves that are stacked with stalactites dripping from the ceilings like melted wax. They are definitely worth the visit. It’s a Geologist dream around this neck of the woods.

The coastline just 25kms from Mt Gambier is spectacularly rugged. It’s a harsh environment down here and the jagged limestone rocks and reefs off Port MacDonnell reflects this only too well.

But the absolute highlight of the Mt Gambier adventure came on the final day when we went free diving at Piccaninnie Ponds. You need a permit from the national parks to dive this spot which we organised on Australia day morning and we had the site with just two other scuba divers for an hour of swimming in what I can only describe as a underwater rainforest. The water was super cold but possibly the clearest fresh water I have ever been in. The pinnacle moment came when we swam through the green plants and came directly over the top of a cavern that drops 150 meters into the deep blue….. Breathtaking … we will be back to check out more of this amazing place!! Thankyou Mount Gambier and Mike and Gemma for showing us the goods!

We will have more facts about the epic places around here rolling out on our instagram feed right here over the next week… happy for you to join in!

the limestone coast around Mount Gambier is a total wonderland…….


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