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Please note that this post was first published in January 24, 2013, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Are you a bit of a night owl and find it hard to get up for the early? Well have a read of my top tips for an epic night’s sleep and you’ll be the first one out there.

I know it’s hard with the tennis on at the moment but it’s really important that we go to bed at the same time every night. Your body LOVES routine.

For the last hour before bed, turn off the TV and computer and pick up a book. Also avoid stimulants like coffee, soft drinks, chilli, chocolate, sugar and heavy meals.

What you do want to eat are foods high in tryptophan: turkey, bananas, warm milk and cottage cheese. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is the building block to make melatonin which resets your body clock.

If you’re a tea drinker, get into chamomile, spearmint, passionflower or lemon balm tea. Real men drink tea… Even though alcohol may help you get to sleep initially, it causes you to wake after a few hours because your liver starts to detoxify between 1 and 3am.

The whole reason we sleep is so our body can rest and regenerate cells. So if you have been sitting at your desk all day, you need to give your body something to recover from. We all need to be exercising for at least 40 minutes every day. Hit two birds with one stone and soak up the sun while you exercise. Or at least eat your lunch outside. Sunlight helps to produce melatonin.

Take 300 mg of magnesium before bed to assist muscle relaxation and relax the nervous system. I’m a massive fan of BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze. I really notice a difference in the quality of my sleep if I forget to take it. They actually make one called Ultra Muscleze Night now. We’ve had some really good results with it. Especially if you get cramps.


If your head is racing 100 miles an hour about what you have to do at work tomorrow or what sort of flowers you should buy your wife, look into getting some Rescue Remedy. Four drops under your tongue instantly quietens the mind.

The better the quality of your sleep, the more energy you will have. Your mood will be more stable and your immune system will love you. Start making positive improvements tonight so you can be the early bird that catches the first wave!

Emma the Naturopath xx


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