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If someone steals your wave in the water do you brush it off and go for the next one or blow up at him when he paddles back out? How do you deal with stress in your life? Do you go for a run on the sand every day or drown the day away with a long neck that night?

Stress will always be there, but how you react to it will determine the outcome. You know the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”? Give it go. The more calm and relaxed you are, the better you will deal with daily stresses.

Emma’s top 5 ways to manage stress

1. Take a break: Avoid eating at your desk. Go outside once an hour to get some fresh air. Never be “too busy” for breakfast.

2. Exercise every day: Get up an hour earlier to go for a surf –you’ll start your day on the right foot. Even a 20 minute walk around the block after dinner is beneficial.

3. Learn to say “no”: When you’re feeling stressed the last thing you need to do is take on more things. Try saying “I’d love to but I’ve already got a lot on my plate at the moment”.

4. Take ten deep slow breaths: Find time each day to pause and just focus on your breathing. While you’re stopped at a red light, in line at the supermarket, sitting on your board in between sets.

5. Plan your next holiday. Even a road trip on the weekend to a nearby break is affordable for most people and exciting to look forward to. A new place, different people and a break in routine are good for regaining perspective.


An extra special mention: Drink enough water and make healthier food choices. Dehydration and poor nutrition are physical stresses on your body. The more vitality you have, the more resilience you will have mentally. Aim for 8 glasses of water a day, more if you are exercising, and skip the alcohol and caffeine. When eating out, opt for salad instead of chips and skip or share the dessert.

Take it easy. Stressed is just desserts spelt backwards

Emma the Naturopath xx

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