Tassie’s jaw dropping waterfall

Please note that this post was first published in October 30, 2016, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Every corner you turn in Tasmania there seems to be one jaw-dropping scene after another. We have done a tonne of miles in the last 2 weeks and not one of those drives has been close to mundane.

We have memory cards full of pictures that we haven’t even looked at yet!! Our days have involved so much photography, hiking and driving and just a few short hours of much needed sleep each night.

So today we are focusing in on ONE picture and one hell of a location. Russell Falls within the Mount Field national park was definitely on our hit list, but nothing could prepare you for the first glimpse of this magnificent waterfall. After a short hike through a lush green rainforest complete with cascading streams, some old growth 80-meter high trees and Pademelons and Quolls bouncing around the forest you come to the mighty Russell Falls. I would have to say the most breathtaking waterfall I have seen so far and I’m sure it will still be in my top five when my travelling days come to an end.

It is a three-tiered cascading falls that is fed by a reasonably narrow stream about 100m above the base. There are 2 more waterfalls on the same track that actually photographed even better. They will show up in the blog next week.

Loving Tassie so much – Check our instagram for more updates from the beautiful apple isle.

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CAMERA INFO || Shot with the Canon 5D mk3, 17-40mm Canon lens, Lee Polarising filter, Tripod mounted :

shutter speed 1second aperture F-22 with ISO set at 100



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