The Hydration Situation

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Did you know that I can read minds? It’s true! When I ask my customers and clients how much water they drink, I know what they will answer before they even open their mouths: “Not enough”. About 8 out of 10 people tell me this. We really take it for granted how privileged we are to have fresh, running water in this country!

Dehydration is an emergency situation in your body! Alarm bells start going off and vital organs (heart, brain, kidneys and liver) steal water from other organs/body processes to keep the body functioning. For example, the brain might be running low on fluid, so it steals moisture from your skin, making you all crusty and dry.

Drink your water throughout the whole day. Don’t just skull it all down in one hit. Herbal tea counts towards your water intake but be aware of the sneaky things that dehydrate you like working in air-con, drinking coffee, regular tea, soft drinks and alcohol as well as exercise while you’re in the water because you don’t realise that you’re actually sweating.

Honestly, so many conditions and symptoms can be alleviated or even resolved just by doing something as simple as drinking two litres of water a day! How much water do YOU drink?

“You may not be ill; you may just be thirsty”-Don Chisholm

Speaking of water, next time I’m going to talk to you about magnesium and how to get rid of those painful cramps.


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