The Wizard

Please note that this post was first published in February 19, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Ed Sinnott handed this sweet looking board over to me just a few days before I left to Indo. We were going through major flat spell on the east coast of Australia so I didn’t get a chance to feel it out before going on my trip. I only had room for two boards and I thought twice about taking a board that I hadn’t yet surfed… I did take it… and Im soooo glad… from the very first surf this thing went unreal. I surfed it in everything from 2 foot to 5 foot barrels and it handled it all with ease. Actually this is the only board I surfed the whole time I was away!


The wide fishy nose gives it so much speed and flow, while the pulled in tail allows you to go vertically up into the lip, the rounded pin type tail also holds well in the tube. I think I’ve found a perfect combo for me, all the advantages of a fish, with plenty of performance. Turns out it not only goes well in Indo, but even better on the Coffs Coast where we get a lot of waves that go fat then steepen up quickly which this board adapts to very well.


Ed calls this model the “Wizard” sorta like the “Hypto Krypto” made famous by Craig Anderson and Hayden Shapes I guess. A board that goes well in large or small surf. You can get this made a fair bit shorter than your average performance surfboard, mine is just 5”6 but doesn’t feel too short at all… it just fits into the wave so much better. Once again the finish of this ESP board is insane and I’m in love with the resin tints

get ya self on one!!

You can get shortboards custom made with option to go resin tint and delivered to your door anywhere on the east coast from $550 . Yep a total pro board made with the highest grade materials by a dude that knows exactly what he is doing. Give Ed a call on 0404 059 321. He is an excellent communicator and gets what you are wanting in a surfboard and you will get a board that will last far longer than most. (he also does fish style boards starting from $570, mini mals $590 and longboards $890) visit his website here



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