up and down 16th august

Please note that this post was first published in August 16, 2013, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Those unpleasant winds from yesterday turned out to be a little blessings for us surfers today….it gave us some swell!! fairly solid swell too. South swell magnets were copping solid 4 foot sets at first light today while the southern protected corners were throwing up smaller but better shaped waves. It seems to be going from near flat one day to overhead the next and back again to flat… actually this swell is only tipped to hang around today, so make the most of it… if the pattern continues we will all be back on longboards again tomorrow.

One of our website followers Colin Scott emailed us yesterday about some spares seats he has on a Mentawaii’s trip. He has 7 mates going on the 19th-31st October and the price is just $2200 ….$800 cheaper than the normal going rate. They need 3 more crew if you are keen for a getaway email him at :  cscott@bcu.com.au

 A bit of power back in the ocean today

golden walls

new southerly swell getting groomed by the morning offshores. Few more from this morning (here)

take a chill pill

Emma from Essential Health has just dropped her latest “surf health” post…. and its a goodie… rid yourself of the worst toxin STRESS!! (HERE)


possibly the most stylish web clip I’ve seen in a few months… Check the flow of Steph Gilmore…

Dear Sylvia, love Steph. from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.


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