9 tips to get way more surf time

Please note that this post was first published in April 12, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.


At the start of last year I had a goal to have more “surf time”… and who out there doesn’t want more time in the ocean hey? So Ive put together the 9 best ways that I’ve done (and observed in others) to increase my ocean time by at least 30%.. and in case you’re wondering I haven’t stopped working, in fact Ive got more on my plate than ever before… you want more waves??… read on!

1. Do the half hour dash

I see so many crew that will happily blow a half hour checking the surf and talking story with a mate on the headland and then say “Its not that great and I haven’t got time for a surf today anyhow” Do your checking from the water, jump in… its the only way, you will never regret paddling out, you get your ocean fix and you arrive at work on time with a smile.


2. Hydrate

You know the feeling, its Monday morning you just surfed all weekend, you are dried up, out of energy and fatigued. Thing is, its pumping and there’s hardly anyone out because they all feel the same. This can be overcome with super diligent hydrating, Im talking at least 3 litres of water a day (I smash more water than this, some will need more than others) Make sure you do the drinking early in the day otherwise you will chasing your tail. Get in the habit of drinking at least two cups of water as soon as you get out of bed. As soon as I did this I was up for a early surf every day no matter what. I haven’t had a headache in two years!! High quality magnesium taken at night is one the best things a surfer can have. Amazing for muscle fatigue, soreness and keeping the hydration levels in check. You can read more about magnesium on our surf health page here it goes on about its multiple benefits.


 3. Surf with frothers

Every beach has at least a few of them. You know the dude right? he/she is the one that no matter how bad the waves are, they are seeing gems break all over the place…”check that little runner”…. “oh look at Jimmy, he’s ripping out there!”. Spend at least a minute with one of these guys each day and soon it will rub off and you will be “the frother”


 4. Don’t surf the same place every day

I did this for a few years and nothing sends your surfing more stale than riding the exact same wave every day. As soon as I broke out of that cycle the surfing world and experience expanded out of sight. I know its easier to lob down to the local each day and have that familiarity, but really you will be doing yourself a favour to break out that little comfort zone that you have created. If you can’t go somewhere different each day at least go somewhere new once a week. If thats too hard maybe walk up the beach 100meters… don’t get stale!



5. Get a quiver of weird boards

When you are feeling stale or un-inspired take out an ole twin fin or a log (single fin longboard) or even just a pair of swim fins and go body surfing! Ive got a mate who surfs on a blow up mat when he’s feeling a bit jaded…. half hour on that thing and he’s back frothing with massive smiles and a love for surfing again. Change it up people, there’s more to the surfing experience than a 6’1 thruster!


6. Keep a surf diary

Write down in a diary each day when you surfed, how it was and what board you used. Its a way of keeping you accountable. Time can slip away really fast and before you know it you haven’t surfed for two weeks! writing in a diary will show you that it is possible to fit a surf into your schedule more than you think. Also gives you a incentive to just go out so you can report on something for the day. Its probably not something you would do ongoing, but its a tool to get you in the groove to surf more… it works! if you are really keen on this idea there are even Apps for your phone to do it on… I haven’t tried them yet but the link to one of them is HERE


 7. Stretch

Yoga, Pilates or getting a good personal trainer to do some strength and conditioning training will 100% get you more surf time. Not only that but your surfing will improve as well. 5-10 years ago I was going down constantly with lower back, most surfers over 25 will know that deal very well. It will get the best of you at some stage. But well advised training programs will keep those injury times to a minimum and you will be pulling turns that you only thought was possible years ago. The difference I have noticed in the last year of doing Yoga and strength and conditioning training a few times a week is mind blowing!


8. Go on surf trips

You will clock up serious hours on a dedicated surf trip. Take the time off work and lock in a time where you just want to surf yourself silly. It doesn’t have to be a charted 2 week boat trip in Indo (although that is a good plan) It can be just a weekend road trip with a few mates or even a day trip to a quiet beach that requires a big hike to get into. It will add a bit of adventure and spark to the surfing experience, waves are always better when you are on a trip and nothing gets in the way because you have locked in that time for surfing and nothing else.


9. set the alarm clock

Ive left the most obvious for last, but waking up early is one of best ways to more time, let alone “surf time” You will be amazed how much stuff you can fit into the morning before the “call of duties” are required. It will feel like you have amazingly created a 26 hour day!! You can surf a good half hour or more before sun rises (on the east coast) and that might be all you need to get the day started on the right foot. Go to bed earlier, that crappy movie or reality tv show is not worth watching the end of when you can get barrelled in the morning. Get yourself and extra hour in the day, once you get in a pattern you will never look back!


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