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There was always that kid in Kindy who would get in trouble for eating the Clag glue (remember the one with the red lid with the brush inside?) Not much has changed…

I was talking to a colon hydrotherapist last week and she was telling me how back in the day they used to make wallpaper glue out of flour, sugar and water… If you Google how to make kids craft glue, they will also tell you that combination.

Now think about most people’s diet: cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, a few bickies for afternoon tea and a bowl of spag bol for dinner… Flour-sugar-water!

You are eating glue. This then becomes stuck to the walls of your intestines, causing constipation and creating a barrier for nutrients to absorb. The colon hydrotherapist enlightened me that we are all holding between 3-12kgs of waste in our colons! Refined foods like rice crackers, supermarket bread, packet noodles and wheat pasta have no health benefits and your body actually has to donate it’s own existing nutrients to help break them down! Double negative


So how about a mushroom and capsicum omelet for brekkie, a grilled chicken salad for lunch, fresh fruit, a handful of almonds and peppermint tea in the afternoon then a yummy prawn and vegie stirfry with brown rice for dinner?

Go wheat-free for a month and notice the difference in your energy, digestion, clarity of mind, just to name a few! Keep it fresh, keep it real and make sure it’s recognisable as it was when it was growing in nature (have you seen any Nutra-Grain trees lately)?

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Emma the Naturopath xx

Next time I’m going to let you in on how much water you should really be drinking!


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