from the past into the future – best of 2015

Please note that this post was first published in December 30, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Coming up to the last day of the year and it always stirs up moments of reflection and projections of goals and plans into the new year. Sometimes its fun to visit the past and the future for a little while, so today we are going to reflect on 12 pictures that we enjoyed taking in 2015 I hope that one of them may inspire you to walk that little further, rise a little earlier, paddle for just one more wave or go on your own little adventure in 2016.

Thanks so much to all of our email subscribers and sponsor support over the last year. XS Surf Woolgoolga and The Surf Club have been long time legends that not only back us but provide great service to the local community and visiting tourist…. we love you guys!! And one huge collective thanks to all of you than have brought our art work over the last year, we are that stoked to have our work hanging in your home or office!!

2016 is looking like a wild ride for us. This blog/website is going to take you to some epic places right around Australia and we are that excited about bringing you the visual treats, stories and inspiration. If you aren’t already joined up you can subscribe free here to come on the road trip with us. We will be checking in around 2 times a week and will be in a different location every 5 or 6 days…. things will never get stale from here on in.


A lighting strike that kicked off 2015 back in January. The best time for storm clouds on the east coast. The random cloud was the only one in the sky on an otherwise clear summers night, but she sure had some energy. (buy here)


Clear-warm water days with friends is one of the great joys of the surfing, this made it into this years top 12 because it gives me that feeling (buy here)


The far south coast of New South Wales is so far my favourite place for “SeaScape” photography. We were down there in October this year and will be returning around March in 2016 Cannot wait to visit Camel Rock at Bermagui again!! (buy here)


Half underwater half over with Brett Caller deep inside the tube. This very moment is still very vivid in my memory, nothing better than seeing a mate get slotted on a crisp offshore morning. (buy here)


“Patterns in Nature” I can see us shooting a lot of natures patterns in 2016. This one of some sand dunes at sunrise near Port Stephens was our favourite for 2015 (buy here)


When your local does this!! July 2015 (buy here)


Heavy rain in the surf takes me back to my first real surfing experience when I grew up in South Oz. It was a still and stormy dawn with a glassy ocean when the heavens opened and whole ocean went a next level in WOW… this image I took of Samahra Bye in January 2015 takes me back to that moment. (buy here)


I love the leading lines that Piers create into the natural world. It fills the image with so much depth. This pic done up as a Glass mount and hung up makes it look like you can walk out of your lounge room and down the end of that walkway. Our favourite Pier shot in 2015 was taken at sunrise in Harrington on the mid north coast of New South Wales (buy here)


When the photographer becomes the subject. Super stoked to get this picture of my photographer friend Duncan Macfarlane. Surf photogs like Dunc work so hard on their game, swimming wild oceans, battling currents to get the glory shot of everyone else, so it was nice to get one of him totally slotted at his local (buy here)


The amazing Fingal Rocks on the far north coast of New South Wales. Worth a look at sunrise if you are ever up that way (buy here)


A simple long exposure shot of Diggers Beach – Coffs Harbour (buy here) 

In 2016 we are keeping things really simple. Travelling with only what fits in our station wagon (half of which in camera gear) as we explore this large and amazing island or ours. We would be beyond happy for you to come on the ride with us. All you need do is subscribe here to get a small dose of inspiration a few times a week. All the best for 2016 create an amazing year for yourselves!!!  Tom and Sherrin xx





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