Kelly Slater’s wave company

Please note that this post was first published in December 19, 2015, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Had to share this super exciting video that dropped over night of Kelly Slater surfing a man made wave. A project he has been working on for 10 years came to fruition recently when he surfed the first wave produced… and let me tell you it is utter perfection! there is not one surfer I know that wouldn’t be excited about the way this wave breaks. Unlike some other proposed or current wave pools this one appears to be totally in the natural world….. no swimming pools, no chemicals in the water and it certainly isn’t in warm water with Kelly wearing a full thick steamer and booties. I’ve got no idea how it works or where it is, but it sounds like they can be built worldwide. Kelly changed surfing forever in the 90’s and now he looks set to do it again!

Kelly's Wave from Kelly Slater Wave Company on Vimeo.


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