Ode to Seashells

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Excuse me folks, I’m taking over the blog today and I’m going to spin you something a little different!

One of my all time favourite things to photograph are shells!

They are so much more than an exoskeleton of a mollusk! To me they are an intricate sculpture.

Shells are the perfect subjects for my macro photography due to their interesting shapes and textures.

Here are some facts I bet you didn’t Know!


Most shells open to the right

9 out of 10 shells are dextral, meaning they open to the right. So this has dire consequences for all the lefties, basically they are impossible to mate with, leaving them unable to reproduce!



Shape does matter

It seems that shells in the tropics have fierce predators and they have evolved with spikes and ridges to ward off danger.

Shell colouration

It is unknown what kind of pigments mollusks are using to create their colour.


Hermit crabs are not murderers

There are aprox 1000 species of hermit crabs existing today. They rely on sea shells from dead molluscs to protect their soft bodies, They never kill or eat the mollusk, they let other animals do the dirty work!


Best to avoid buying shiny shells

Unfortunately the shiny shells looking pretty on the shelves of the souvenir shop (say that three times out loud ha!) have been taken from a living animal. The shell trade is brutal, they collect, kill and remove the animal ready to sell for profit. Approx 5000 species of mollusk are targeted each year.


Browse through our shell gallery and select yourself a piece of wall art to celebrate one of the oceans most precious jewels.

Have an amazing day,

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