After 20 years of photography (full time professional for 14 years) we are finally ready to pass on everything we have learnt and continue to learn along this epic journey we have created for ourselves.

We have courses and videos in the making right now that will have unique and simple to follow formulas that will greatly benefit everyone from the complete beginner right up to the seasoned professional.

Our goal is to show you a way or inspire your way to a life lived with freedom and opportunity.

Photography has been a gateway for us to live an amazing lifestyle. It has given us an opportunity to work and create together everyday (our greatest achievement)

Photography is also our ticket to constant travel. We have been travelling around Australia for the past 3 years to amazing locations and the best part is we are able to earn a great living while taking our family of four on a never-ending road trip.

We love it and we know there is an abundance of opportunities out there for you to live your ultimate photography dream.

Our tutorials will be structured to get you to your goals in the quickest way possible while keeping it entertaining and of course visually stunning.

There will be content for beginners picking up a camera for the first time right through to content for professionals to get to the next level and then start earning or increase their earnings from their photography passions.

So much more will be rolling out over the next few months and the very best way to keep informed is to join our brand new subscribe list RIGHT HERE

Love to keep in touch!

Tom & Sherrin


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