South Island of New Zealand

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Our South Island sojourn has completely blown our minds. The untouched beauty and smiling locals has engraved a place in our hearts and left us wanting more.

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful land, we have some advice that we have learnt along the way……

If the destination on your GPS says it’s in 3 hours, allow 6! I’m not kidding, you will wind back and forth and around and around, not only that the scenery will stop you in your tracks! It is forever changing from Snow capped mountain ranges to sweeping ocean views to picturesque farmland.

Take your time so you can wait it out. When the mountains clear it is magical. You might have to wait an hour or a day but it is so worth it.

Luckily for us we got to see Mount Cook in all its glory, snow capped and standing tall, we were blown away!

Lakes and mountains go together like strawberries and cream, get a clear day and those reflections are unforgettable. The lakes are big, blue and freezing cold! The glaciers melt and trickle down the mountains to form these idyllic lakes that meander throughout New Zealand’s South Island.

Farms galore, we had our fair share of farm stays while trekking around. Spring is the perfect time to see the newborn farm animals. We got to bottle feed lambs and cuddle calves. You not only get a bed you get an authentic experience and live like a local. Sampling some of the local produce is another bonus of a farm stay.

“Lord of the rings country”. As you head north you will enter the most magical scenery and you can see why so many movies are made here. Your imagination goes wild as you enter another world. Dense rich forest, more mountains and streams along with goblins, fairies and the odd water horse, so keep your eyes open.

New Zealand is missing one thing, Wildlife! Well the land dwelling variety anyway. The oceans on the other hand are thriving with life. You can get up close and personal with seals, hector dolphins and all types of whales in Kaikoura and if you love lobster this is the place to go, it is the town’s specialty. Oh and while you view all this marine action you get to stare up at the snow capped mountain range that sweeps down to the sea, Wow, I know!!!!

Having said all this, you just have to come and experience it for yourself, hike it, cycle it, camper van it, whatever way you choose, you will fall in love with it. There are really no words to describe it and we found it equally hard to capture the beauty on camera. We are coming back; 3 weeks just wasn’t enough.








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