why the gypsy life works for us

Please note that this post was first published in July 28, 2017, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Tom and I got a taste of what it’s like to be wandering  gypsy’s many years ago when we left home, with our fresh faces and not much more than our surf boards packed, we headed off around oz in our little van. We had 14 months of travelling bliss. The travel bug did not get tamed it just seemed to grow. 17 years later we have packed up our two kids and hit the road once again.


Turn it up

Who doesn’t love jumping into their car and turning up your stereo and singing at the top of your lungs while anticipating the road ahead. Well, we love it so much we have dedicated 2016/17 to doing just that.


The wonder in you

Have you ever noticed a young child as they discovering things for the first time. They have this beautiful look of wonder upon their face. That is how we feel every time we pull up at a new place. As adults we can lose the wonder of life and this year I have felt like a child again, discovering and exploring new things, it’s rad and I highly recommend it.


Shoes are over rated!

Who likes shoes any way! Over the duration of 2016/17 we have found ourselves becoming more grounded. Our feet have literally been enriched with soil from all over the eastern seaboard and it feels so good. Our youngest has tracked to the bottom of Queensland’s tallest single drop waterfall and back up bare footed and is reluctant to don shoes as I write, raising gypsies is the best!


New faces

The people you meet whilst on the road is priceless and bonding in that way, when you are free and relaxed, makes for some lasting friendships.


Food glorious food

Sampling local produce from all over the country introduces you to new and amazing foods, have you ever tried chocolate pudding fruit, yes I did say fruit and if you are not afraid of carbs you must try it, add ice cream and you will be in heaven.


The simple things

When you’re on the road life becomes pretty simple, you have less bills, less responsibilities and more time to do what you love and really connect with the people you are with. So turning your back on society and becoming anonymous for a while is good for the soul.


You gotta love em

Oh, if you are thinking of tripping around with your family, it helps if you like them!! You will be spending a lot of time together in confined spaces! Hours spent in the car and you will be jam packed Into a caravan, tent or small cabin.

Lucky for us spending time together is something we love. Travelling has brought us closer and we are happy to be spending priceless moments with our kids before they leave home!

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