you don’t grow if you don’t go

Please note that this post was first published in July 28, 2017, and some of the details, links and offers may no longer be active.

Tasmania has completely swept me off my feet and for someone who thought they had a severe allergy to the cold weather this is saying something!!

Tassie has etched a little space in my heart with its manicured farmland, snow capped mountain peaks, rolling green hills and crystal clear cascades. The history is oozing out of every building and did I mention the fresh produce.
Yep, turn up the temperature gauge and I could probably live there happily for a year or two.
With friendly locals galore and an abundance of wildlife Tasmania seems to have it all.

I have a few tips of what to bring if you are planning a first time visit to the apple isle:


1. A sense of adventure

there are walking tracks everywhere, you will hike mountains, see blowholes, walk amongst wombats and reach snow covered summits.

Take a walk amongst the ancient huon pines, these trees can grow to a mind blowing 40m!


2. What to pack

thermals, sunnies, umbrella, swimmers, hiking boots, snow jacket, you could potentially use all these in one day!


3. Your Camera

this place is so diverse, pristine beaches, rainforest, mountains and lookouts every few hundred metres.


4. Sea sick pills

there are some incredible coastal tours around the islands that surround Tassie where you will enter sea caves, hang with seals and see huge rock pillars that seem to reach for the sky.


5. Make sure you come with an empty belly

this land is extremely fertile. Everything in Tassie is plump and delicious. There are nut and fruit orchards dotted throughout the landscape. Every animal that we passed was grazing on lush pastures and without a doubt delivering the best milk. The dairy products were Amazing! Everywhere you looked as you drive through the country you see berry farms, vineyards, dairy and sheep, all thriving. There is a brewery on every corner so pace your selves!
And you don’t even have to worry! You can walk off all the calories on your next hike!


6. An open mind and an appetite for apples

Mona is a world renowned art museum in Hobart, the building itself is an architectural master piece! Some exhibits were built to challenge the viewer and some were awe inspiring. Explore the Huon valley and you will find a cute little apple museum, have yourself a cider and a piece of apple pie! There are many more interesting places to call into along the way, keep your eyes open.


7. Time

make sure you have plenty of time, don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can see it all in 2 weeks, we spent 6 weeks and were still left wanting more.


Tasmania we will be back, we have so much more to explore!


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